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Find Flights to Peru (Lim) with Budgetair.Ie – Irelands Leading Travel Agency

Peru is the third largest country in South America, stretching from the parched desert on the Pacific coastline to the lush Amazonian rainforest to the east. The sheer variety of landscapes in the country is quite staggering, encompassing soaring mountain ranges and vast tropical jungle, with beautiful beaches and picturesque islands along the coastline.

This mountain side region offers limitless possibilities in terms of sights, sounds, culture, food and nightlife- making it a veritable smorgasbord of facilities for its many adventurous visitors.

This wondrous geography gave rise to ancient empires, origins of which can be traced back thousands of years.

The most popular of these historical marvels is the 'Lost City of the Incas' Machu Picchu. Over half of all visits to Peru include a visit to this ancient city, and with its dramatic setting and magnificent old structures, it is easy to see why. Of course, the country has plenty of other heritage sites of equal beauty and grandeur, including the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco and the mysterious Nazca Lines.

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For more active pursuits, the dramatic Peruvian landscape lends itself to a wide variety of sports and activities. From skiing on the snowy peaks of the Andes to white water rafting along the Amazon River to sand boarding on the desert dunes, the opportunities for adventure are virtually endless.

Various tours can take travellers through rainforests overflowing with wildlife to take in the views of some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth.

Giant sand dunes, tropical birds, sea lions and stunning snow-capped mountains are all Flickr favourites that make the perfect memories of time spent in this unique place!

As if that wasn’t enough you will also find an endless string of museums and ancient ruins all waiting for you to unlock the secrets and hidden history of this amazing, one-of-a-kind, cultural Mecca.

There is also plenty on offer if you want to let your hair down and find out what the local Peruvians do for a good time. Peru is home to a very lively club scene that comes in just the right measure more than enough to satisfy the club hungry- while maintaining a respectable distance for those that prefer the softer approach to a night out in a new town.

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If dining out is your deal you’re also in the right place. Peru boasts and extensive range of culinary delights- from fish food to guinea pigs you’re pallet is in for an experience. Those with weaker stomachs and tamer tongues shouldn’t be put off though- there is plenty of international cuisine on every street corner to satisfy you!

Peru is a wonderful place waiting to be discovered. There is adventure on every corner of this magnificent region with no chance of running out of things to do!

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