Change Your Flight

If you are travelling on an e-ticket and need to change your date or destination please fill in the below form
You can submit your request before or after you have departed and we will get back to you within 1 working day if you request your change Monday to Friday. If you request a change Saturday, Sunday or on a Bank Holiday we will get back to you the next working day.

Please note all changes are governed by the airline and vary greatly depending on the type of ticket you have purchased. It is possible that your ticket may be non changeable. The minimum cost for changing your flights is €75 and there may be additional costs subject to individual airline rules and regulations.

All flight change emails are on a request basis only and are subject to availability. By submitting the above form does not automatically change your flight. We will contact you to confirm availability, fees and collect payment prior to making any changes. When you authorise us to proceed with changes we will collect payment from you and then email you your new e-ticket.

Please note Seat request and Meal requests may not be available for pre-selection on all flights.
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