Frequently Asked Questions





What times are shown?

All flight times stated are local. For example, if it shows that the flight departs at 15:00 from Italy and arrives in Dublin at 17:00, the flight time is 3 hours, since the time in Ireland is 1 hour behind Italy.

If you are flying from the USA, for example, you normally leave the USA in the evening and arrive in Europe the next day.


Can I request special food, a particular seat on the flight or add on extra / special baggage etc?

To request food or a specific seat or to book special baggage, please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page.

Some airlines charge for seats if you wish to pre-book them. This varies between airlines and destinations. We can never pre-book seats by emergency exits or with extra legroom.


How do I know if a passport and visa is needed for the destination I am visiting?

The passenger is always responsible for checking the documents with the specific embassy or consulate of the country they are travelling to. Please note that even countries you are travelling via may sometimes require a transit visa or visa


Travelling to the US or Canada ? You must complete your ESTA before travel

Please follow this link for USA

Please follow this link for Canada


Where do I clear Immigration if I travel to USA

If you are departing from Dublin or Shannon and travelling direct to the USA then you clear Immigration in Ireland. If you are travelling via Europe then you will clear immigration upon arrival in the USA.


I booked my travel but I didn’t receive my travel documents by e-mail or by post; what do I do?

Your travel documents will be posted to the Address that you provided at the time of booking, or sent to the e-mail address that you provided when making your booking.

If it’s possible you gave us an incorrect email address, please let us know as soon as possible. It’s very important that we have the correct details on file as we may email schedule changes to this email.

If you have not received your documents within 10 days of making a booking, please contact us. Some e-mail servers might also occasionally classify these e-mails as spam. Please check inside your Junk mails.


I have a pet, can I bring it with me?

We can contact the airline on your behalf to enquire about this.

There may be an administration charge for this.

If the airline can not take your pet we are unable to offer a refund of the Travel Ticket. Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page.





Why do I see an error message that there are no seats at the price I want to book?

Sometimes the booking system is not updated with the latest availability of seats. Flight availability and prices can change dynamically. If you get an error message that there are no seats at the price you tried to book, we recommend you go back and search for the flight again. 


I have second name or two surnames on my Passport -  Must I enter all my names in the booking?

When you are booking a flight, you have to enter all the names that are in your passport.

Airlines have strict requirements for security so if they don’t see your complete name details there could be a problem boarding the plane or at check-in.

Note: the airlines don’t allow any changes of names or transfer of tickets. If you write an incorrect name you will not get a refund on the ticket and you have to buy a new ticket.


Must children have their own passports?

Yes, all children must have their own passports.

Why when I book a flight, why am I paying for tax on flight tickets?

All airlines have to pay a charge for every passenger. This includes insurance costs for example. All these costs are recovered as a tax on your flight ticket. These taxes can also change if you choose to change your flight ticket.

Can I use certain parts of the Travel Ticket - for example miss out the outward flight and only take the return?

To guarantee that the airline keeps your return it is a requirement that you check in and travel on the first flight and all other flights onto your final destination. For example, if you booked Dublin – Bangkok – Sydney , you cannot use the return as a single ticket from Sydney – you MUST fly from Dublin to Sydney to be able to use the flight back. If you don’t show for the First Flight – the airline will automatically cancel the onward flights, and there is nothing that we as a travel agency can do about this.


How far in advance can I book my flights ?

Most Airlines will allow bookings up to 330 days before departure.


How many people can I book for at the same time?

On our website, you can book up to nine people at the same time for the same airline.

If you are a group of 10 or more people travelling together, please send a request via the Contact Us Page in our site for prices and availability.


If I am transiting - how do I know if there is enough time to make the next flight ?

All times in your booking are approved connections according to the airline rules.

They take into account any change of terminals and security checks.  We always recommend that you go directly to the gate for your flight when changing aircraft.

If you have two separate bookings with different booking numbers then ensure you allow plenty of time for transit as if you miss the connections you may be forced to buy a new ticket.


How are the prices shown in the website when I am making a reservation?

The prices are always shown per person, however if you have both children and adults in the same booking, and there is a discounted child price, the prices per person is totalled and divided by the number of passengers travelling. Please note that the total price is exactly the same.



Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) enables you to protect against your liability to the fare paying public travelling on scheduled flights anywhere in the world.

Should the airline operating the flights fail, the Travel Agent may or will be legally required to provide alternative flights or a refund. In the UK, it is already a legal requirement under the ATOL' Licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority to protect customers, and ensures that, should this happen, customers receive compensation for their loss to the extent referred to below:

a) Club Travel Limited undertakes that, in the event of a scheduled airline failure arising solely upon a scheduled airline entering into an "insolvent winding-up" (as defined by Rule 4.151 of the UK Insolvency Rules 1986 (as amended)) or equivalent insolvency process in any jurisdiction, and ceasing to fly prior to commencement of a passenger's trip, all monies paid by the passenger either as a deposit, or as the case may be, as the price for the scheduled airline ticket(s) will be refunded to the passenger in full; or

b) In the event of an airline failing after the commencement of your passenger's trip, Club Travel will make appropriate alternative arrangements and endeavour to keep these arrangements as close to your passenger's original itinerary and amount paid as possible.

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance is therefore a very a cost effective means for you to protect your liability to your customers..




What Payment Options do you accept ?

For bookings made via our website, payment must be made at the time of booking –

We accept: Debit/credit cards (Visa / Visa Debit / MasterCard / Mastercard Debit / Laser)

Ensure correct card type is selected, as credit card fees are non refundable after confirmation is received


Can the prices on the website change?

The prices on our website come from the airlines and can quickly change depending on availability of seats and fares. We are using live systems to check fares and availability so if they do change there is nothing we can do about this. Once you have a confirmation number, the price is less likely to change, however it can still change in the time that you receive the confirmation and tickets are issued.

If the price does change AFTER you have received your order confirmation number, we will contact you to advise you of this. If you do not wish to accept the new price then we will refund your card in full.


Can I pay for my travel with more than one card?

No – we can only accept one credit card for payment of the flights within the same reservation.

When I try to pay by debit/credit card I am asked to enter my CVV code. What is this and where can I find it?

The CVV code is a 3 digit security code to prove that no unauthorised person is using your debit/credit card number. On Visa and Mastercard, the code is in the signature box on the back of your card- it’s the last 3 digits.

In our website there is an option to click a link which will explain exactly where to find this.


Is it safe to give out my credit card number over your website ?

We use the highest available encryption standard for all payment data including the credit card number so that there is no unauthorised access to your personal details. You can be sure that your credit card data is safe.


Security Checks

Unfortunately most fraudsters use online booking engines to commit their fraudulent acts, and we have to do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen on the website.As a company we carry out random security checks once you have paid for your flights, before we issue tickets.This is a phone call to verify certain information relating to your personal details and credit card details.This is to protect not only ourselves, but also you, the customer


If I am due a refund, how does this work ?

If the refund is due to a price change – we will simply refund your card immediately. Please note that it may take a few working days to be processed and reach your account.

If you are due a refund for any other reason, for example you have cancelled your flights due to medical reasons, we need to make a refund application to the airline and we need to receive approval from the airline before we can start the refund process.

Refunds are controlled by the airlines and processing times can vary. We we will do our best to ensure that any refunds due are processed as quickly as possible.

Also note that administration fees may apply for refunds.




Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page


Why have I been given different times for my travel?

Sometimes airlines must reorganise their flight times, which could affect your flight. We are then forced to accept these new times and rebook your travel to a different option to the one you originally chose. Please always check your flight times via the link we give you when we send your tickets. If times are changed, these are reflected in your travel documents.

How can I get information about any schedule changes?

Flight times and flight numbers may change at short notice. It is important that you check the e-mail address you gave when booking because any schedule changes will be sent to this email. You should use an e-mail address you can also check while you are away, since schedule changes can also sometimes occur after you have begun your travel. Flight times will always be updated on your Travel Tickets so always check this link. For Major changes, Our sales team will advise you by e-mail or mobile phone.

The new Flight times I have been offered are not suitable - what do I do?

We normally have limited possibilities of offering a different alternative to the one proposed by the airline, but we will do our best to find a solution that suits you. If the change is classed as a Major change then sometimes the airlines will offer a refund to you, however – this is not something we control and ultimately the airline will make that decision

Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page

Can I rebook my flight?

In most cases, rebooking is not possible.
In cases where it is possible we can only change to a new date; it is normally never possible to change destination or route.

Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page





How do I cancel my travel arrangements ?

Contact us to do this and we will then cancel with the relevant Airlines.

We must always follow the airline's rules and cannot make any exceptions. Nothing is deemed to have been cancelled until you have received a confirmation of cancellation from us. In all cases, cancellation penalties apply and in most cases you may not be entitled to any refund. For this reason we recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance.




I need assistance during my travel, can I arrange this ?

We need to know who requires assistance and how much assistance is needed.
Is it wheelchair assistance from check in to the gate you need or do you need, for example, help in reaching your seat on the aircraft?

Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page


Can I book assistance for my child travelling alone?

You cannot make a booking on our website for a child only. If you have booked a child on an adult ticket we have no technical possibility of booking assistance on board.

How much baggage can I take with me?

Baggage allowance varies by airline and destination.

When you book your flights with us, you will be advised of the baggage allowance, however, we recommend that you always check on the airline's website to read the complete conditions for hand baggage and checked baggage.

Note that some airlines make a charge for baggage.

Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page

Can I check Bags all the way Through to my Final Destination ?

If you have one ticket for the whole journey then it is standard practice for the airline to check your bag to your final destination. However, this is ultimately up to the airline and the check in staff and is not something we can guarantee. Always ask at the check in desk if you want to be sure.

If you are travelling on seperate tickets to get to your final destination then it is most likely that your bags will not be checked to your final destination.

I have travelled and my baggage has gone missing. What do I do?

In this case you need to contact the airline you travelled with, since we cannot help you to trace the baggage. Always ensure you keep your baggage tags as this makes it easier for the airline to track the missing bags.

I want to take an extra bag; what do I do?

Unfortunately we are unable to add more baggage. Contact the airline directly for information on any possibility of extra baggage and the cost. Information about baggage can normally be found on the airline's website.

Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page




Where can I find my  booking/e-ticket, check my flight times and see my ticket number?

When you book and pay for travel, we either send your travel documents to the e-mail address you provided at the time of booking, or we post the documents to the postal address you provided. This is normally done within a few days of making the reservation. Please ensure you give us the correct contact information.

If you wish to change or add to the contact information in your booking, you must have a booking number when you contact us.

How long before the flight departs should I check in?  

We recommend that you are at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. Remember that there may be long queues at check in and security controls and you must also allow for something happening on the way to the airport. Many airlines offer check in on their websites up to 30 hours before departure.

If you have any questions about online check-in you should refer to the airline you are flying with.

Where do I get my Boarding Pass?

Some airlines allow check in before you get to the airport and if they do they will normally also allow you to print your boarding pass. Check the airlines website for details. If you can not get your boarding pass before you travel to the airport then one will be issued for you at the airport by the check in staff.

What is the difference between a direct flight, a non-stop flight and a flight involving a transit?

A direct flight is a flight with one flight number, but which may involve a technical stop that is not shown in the airline schedule. Travelling by a direct flight may involve the aircraft landing, to refuel for example. As long as the flight number does not change at any stop, the airline considers it to be a direct flight.

A non-stop flight goes from point A to point B with no stops for refuelling or any other reason.
A flight involving a transit makes one or more stops where you must change aircraft and flight number.
If travel is to or via the USA, passengers must also go through security control and customs at the first stop in the USA and have a valid ESTA certificate.

Can I check in online?

Some airlines offer an online check-in service. To Check in online you will need the airline's booking reference number which can be found on your E-Ticket.

Is food always served on the flight?

Food and drink is normally included on most long haul flights but each airline has their own policy and it can vary according to airlines and destinations.

Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page




Can I book travel if I am aged under 18?

You must be over 18 to book travel on our website as we can’t offer assistance for unaccompanied children

How do I book a ticket for my infant?

Children under the age of two are booked as infants. This means that the child does not have its own seat but must sit on an adult's lap. If the child has its second birthday during the course of travel, a child's ticket must be booked for the entire travel.

If I want to make a booking for a child who has not yet been born, what do I do?

It is not possible to book a ticket for a child who has not yet been born. We need an exact name and Date of birth for the ticket and as you can only know this after the child is born, you must wait until the child is born before booking.

I will be travelling with an infant. Do I need any special information?

We can request a Bassinet seat for you but these are never guaranteed

We recommend that you travel with plenty of supplies for your baby as airlines do not always carry baby food and supplies, or have limited stock.

Please refer to the PREMIUM ASSIST PACK Details at the bottom of this page




What do I do if I wish to complain about an aspect of my flight?

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the flights, complaints about the flight itself should be directed to the airline, since we are only an agency for flight tickets.

Remember that if you are seeking compensation for additional expenses you will need to send the original receipt.

To whom should I send a demand for compensation relating to travel disruptions?

You should send this directly to the airline. Unfortunately it is rare for airlines to compensate for anything other than the flight itself. We recommend that you also check any travel insurance you may have.

I want to give my views about my travel after coming home; what do I do?

If it’s not related to the flight but in fact related to our customer service, please use the Contact Us form on our website.






All Details below are based on Economy Class Bookings.

For details on  Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class, refer to the Airline websites for seat details.

AER LINGUS   €11.99 Choice seats
€5.99 Standard Seat
AIR CANADA Exact price of a Preferred seat is offered during the booking process. Certain seats are offered free of charge North America & Caribbean $ 19 to $ 99
International $ 69 to $ 199
AIR FRANCE Book seats anytime Up to 30 Hours - Pay for seat/Book seats within 30 Hours - Free  €20
AMERICAN AIRLINES Preferred seats are available to purchase when you book, during check-in or anytime in between. Toward the front of the Main Cabin and available on most flights, seats start from USD $20  $20
BRITISH AIRWAYS Seats will only be allocated 24 hours before travel.  From €8

The Seat will be assigned after the check-in or assigned at the GateFor Economy is not eligible for paid Preferred Seat.Others Classes is eligible to Paid Preferred Seat – different prices


Pay to select your seat in advance: €10 Short Haul / €25 Medium Haul / € 35 Long Haul

Free Only 48 hours before your Flight.

ETIHAD   €35
LUFTHANSA Seats can only be booked Up to 48 hours before departure €25

Medium Haul – Seat Standard Free

All Anadolujet Flight Economy Class Seat 9 Exit Row – 7.56 euro

Seat Economy class 55 euro

UNITED For some destinationS you can't pre-book the seat

Economy Class – FREE

Economy Plus

Rows 16-24 and 28 from 142 US $

VIRGIN   From 40 euro








Premium Assist Benefits - book now for just €9.99* and save €15


Special Meal Requests:

We can request special dietary meals – eg Gluten Free, Vegan etc for flights where meals are included. Meals are not normally included on flights within Europe.


Seat Requests :

We can request window or aisle seats, or on intercontinental flights pre-book actual seat numbers on the flights where this is possible.(Exceptions: emergency exit seats , extra leg room seats, and flights within Europe).


Bassinette Requests

We can request a bassinette on your flight. Please be aware that bassinettes are subject to availability and as they are limited to only a small number on each flight, they cannot be guaranteed and preference is given to younger babies.

Re-Booking / Cancellation / Change queries

We will assist with rebooking, changes and organising refunds – advising you of the best course of action - avoiding expensive calls to airlines.

Depending on the Airline and destination, you may be allowed to change the dates on your ticket. It is normally not allowed to change the name of the passenger, Destination or Route on a ticket. If no changes are allowed, then you will have to purchase a new ticket.

We will advise you on the best alternative options, Please note that airlines have charges for doing this, and in addition we have an administration charge.

We will also advise on cancellation details should you wish to cancel your tickets.


Discount off next booking:

When you purchase our Premium Assist, you will receive a discount code which gives you a whopping €15 off your next booking!!

This code must be entered at the time of your next booking. Discounts cannot be applied after your booking is made.

If you have not received a PAP discount code please call our office



Frequent Traveller / Loyalty Programmes:

We will enter all your Frequent Traveller / Loyalty Programme details into your booking.


*€9.99 applies only if purchased at the time of booking, if you purchase at a later date , the cost is €24.99 per booking.


If you have not found your answer and need to contact us, please send an email to with your query.